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Welcome to MotorCables.co.uk – the heartbeat of premium power connectivity. Born from the tenacity and passion of HDIUK Limited, we're not just a website; we're the manifestation of a dream, the result of relentless dedication, and a testament to the art of evolution.

In the picturesque town of Fair Oak, Hampshire, HDIUK Limited embarked on its digital journey in March 2010. However, the roots of our story trace back to a humble beginning as Nightglow Trading, a sole trader entity, and even further to 2006 when we, Jim and Emma Saunders, first entered the e-commerce realm selling chemical glowsticks for fishermen on eBay. Our stock nestled in a backyard shed, and our dreams took flight in small, but determined, steps, all while caring for our 2-year-old daughter, Abbi.

As technology advanced, so did our vision. Leveraging Jim's expertise acquired from a 90's YTS scheme, we ventured into crafting HDTV component video cables. Picture us soldering cables on the coffee table, packaging them with care, and shipping them to our first eBay customers. The business thrived, and soon our conservatory transformed into a maze of stacked cardboard boxes. The dining room table, once our workspace, became a testament to our dedication. A leap of faith led us to our first industrial unit, a converted stable building, and thus, HDIUK was born, specializing in high-quality HDTV cables.

Embracing growth, we expanded our product range, incorporating power cables and HD Freesat receivers, fueled by the Amazon influence. Yet, as the landscape shifted, we found ourselves straying from our roots, navigating a maze of unsustainable products. It was time to return to what we excelled at – creating high-quality mains power cables.

MotorCables.co.uk emerged as our newest venture, crafted with the expertise gleaned from our previous endeavor, Frabco.com. While the latter tempts with Cadbury's Creme Eggs, MotorCables is our newfound passion. We invite you to embark on this journey with us, where every product is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

And as our story unfolds, we are proud to share that Abbi, our once 2-year-old bundle of joy, has blossomed into a young lady. She is now an integral part of the family business, contributing her skills and passion to the art of cable making.

At MotorCables.co.uk, we aren't just selling cables; we're offering a connection to quality, expertise, and a family-run ethos. Our products are meticulously crafted using the finest components, and each one carries the imprint of our pride.

Thank you for stepping into our story. We hope you'll revel in the shopping experience and cherish the craftsmanship behind every MotorCable product. If you wish to connect, find us through the links on the left or give us a ring – because at MotorCables.co.uk, we're not just connecting devices; we're connecting with you.

Warm regards,

Jim Saunders
Director, HDIUK LTD